2019 Yachting In Chicago

Commadore Message

I begin this article saying thank you to the members of the Chicago Yachting Association for electing me as Commodore for a 2nd year.

I want to thank the current CYA Bridge for their hard work and dedication to helping keep the CYA striving to be bigger and better...


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A special thanks to Betty Lerner and her staff who year after year produce Yachting in Chicago, this wonderful testament to all we do for recreational boating in Chicago.

Sea Scout Of The YearThrough Sea Scouts, Peri discovered her interest in environmental science and conservation.  She noticed that whenpeople participated in recreational actitives on the water, they were generally suprised to see the amount of pollution in the lake and river.

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Yachtsperson Sail BannerThe CYA bestows this honor on Captain Toby Lindo because of his never ending dedication to exposing children to the joys of boat building and boating.  Through his efforts, hundreds of children have attended his boart building classes and built boats.  this year alone, his outreach efforts included an event at Columbia yacht Club at which 60-70 high school students from several different high schools learned about boat building.

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