2016 Yachting In Chicago

Commadore Message

It was truly a special honor to serve as Commodore of the Chicago Yachting Association for 2016. This special privilege of servitude is underscored by the fact that the CYA has a 50 year plus tradition in the service of the Chicago boating community.  As many Commodores before me, I experienced satisfying moments, unique opportunities, and unintended challenges. I have come to recognize, appreciate and respect the fact that the Commodore must make every effort to reach out and connect to all stakeholders to be successful in his mission. The Commodore and CYA provide the bridge to connect all maritime interests in the area.


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A special thanks to Betty Lerner and her staff who year after year produce Yachting in Chicago, this wonderful testament to all we do for recreational boating in Chicago.

Sea Scout Of The YearChristine has been a member of Sea Scout Ship Challenge #5111, chartered by Columbia Yacht Club, since 2014. From the beginning she has been active and exemplary in activities, advancement, service to the Ship, the Charter organization, the Council and the community.

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Yachtsperson BannerDon Wilson founded the Chicago Match Race Center in 2009 to bring world-class match race sailing to the shores of Lake Michigan.  Chicago quickly became one of the world’s top training and competition centers for up-and-coming match racing and Olympic sailing talent.

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