2017 Yachting In Chicago

Commadore Message

As my tenure comes to a close, I wish to extend my deep gratitude and appreciation to have served as your Commodore for the last two years. It was extremely gratifying to work with distinguished professionals and organizations who volunteered their services for the benefit of the CYA.

I offer my most sincere thanks to the members of the CYA Bridge: Vice Commodore Douglas James; Rear Commodore Sandra Smith; Secretary Randall Schmidt; Treasurer La Rue Watson; Immediate Past Commodore Capt. Walter Lisowski and Past Commodore Walter Vartan. Also thank you to the Board of Directors, all participating yacht clubs and maritime organizations.


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A special thanks to Betty Lerner and her staff who year after year produce Yachting in Chicago, this wonderful testament to all we do for recreational boating in Chicago.

Sea Scout Of The YearMatthew Praznowski is a life-long resident of Chicago currently attending the Rickover naval Academy located in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago's north side. As a senior at one of the city's top-10 public high schools, Cadet Commander Praznowski is actively engaged in the school's leadership, filling the role of Chief Staff Officer and helping to manage and lead a battalion of over 550 high school cadets.

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Yachtsperson BannerHaving retired from the United States Air Force as a pilot and Brigadier General, and from Lake Shore Graphics as Chief Executive Officer, he volunteers his time and leadership talents to Chicago area organizations. Gibby served the Chicago Yachting Association as a yacht club representative and then as a flag officer for 20 years. He was Commodore of CYA in 2014

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